Radio Writing Career

220px-Chimes_of_MidnightShearman’s interactive short story project for BBC7, 'The Chain Gang', won him a Sony Award, and he provided a second series for them late in 2009 to promote drama writing for radio, which also won a Sony Award. Shearman is writing a third series of ‘The Chain Gang’ for BBC7 airing in autumn 2013.

His many plays for Radio Four, produced by Martin Jarvis, include Inappropriate Behaviour, Afternoons with Roger, Forever Mine, Towards the End of the Morning, Teacher’s Pet and Odd. He has also written several award winning contributions to the audio range of Doctor Who released by Big Finish which have been broadcast on BBC Radio.

See his full bibliography here.


  • The Holy Terror (Sixth Doctor, Frobisher; November 2000)
  • The Chimes of Midnight (Eighth Doctor, Charley; February 2002)
  • The Maltese Penguin (Sixth Doctor, Frobisher; June 2002)
  • Jubilee (Sixth Doctor, Evelyn Smythe; January 2003)
  • Deadline (Doctor Who Unbound, featuring Sir Derek Jacobi; September 2003)
  • Scherzo (Eighth Doctor, Charley; December 2003)
  • My Own Private Wolfgang (Sixth Doctor, Evelyn Smythe; September 2007)